Boraie Rebuilds and Redesigns Urban Cities

Boraie Development LLC is a modern real estate development company that is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company is led by 72-year-old Sam Boraie, who serves as the president and specializes in the redesigning and rebuilding urban development. Omar’s vision when starting the business was to rebuild New Brunswick to something similar he had seen in Europe when was a traveling scholar.

Omar Boraie’s Vision

Omar had an awful experience when his business began in 1972. The residents of New Brunswick would desert the place in the evening. Also, the first project that he tackled consisted of 21 blocks of run down and vacant buildings. As a result, a majority of people thought he was insane to construct high-end condos and office buildings in downtown New Brunswick. Afterwards, Omar Boraie realized that the city was in need of residential units of better quality. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

According to Philly Purge, his vision of a high rise complex in New York was completed in 2007 when he built the 25 story Spring Street Condominium Building with 121 units, parking garage, and retail shops. As his business developed, Omar saw the need for luxury developments since many business professionals wanted to work in New Brunswick. Omar’s primary goal was to attract good and high-quality tenants, and this is seen through the continuous development of quality condos and office buildings in Newark, New Brunswick and Atlantic City.

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About Boraie Development

Boraie Development offers a variety of services that focus on the urban market of the real estate’s industry such as property management, real estate development as well as sales and marketing. The team at Borarie aims at building spectacular urban properties and service to the clients. Over the past thirty years, Boraie Development has a track record of enhancing the urban communities in New Brunswick area. The company’s investment strategy mainly involves the investment in urban neighborhoods, residential properties, and retail establishments. For more details visit Bloomberg

Boraie Development has had a significant impact on the transformation of New Brunswick City. The firm has currently been focusing on the downtown areas of Newark City. The company has even partnered with Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball legend, and developed residential and commercial real estate in other New Jersey cities. This partnership led to a 10 million dollar renovation project in 2012. The following year, the company began a 60 million dollar rental complex project that happens to be the first housing tower in downtown Newark.

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