Securus Technologies – Innovative Products and Services for Correctional Sphere

Securus Technologies was established in the year 1986 with the aim to revolutionize the correctional industry, and in a way, it did transform this dormant sector. The company has been focusing on the needs of the end users from the day one, and it is why the company has a broad range of products and services on offer today that is highly popular with the customers. The company has made tremendous progress in the sector since the time of its inception, mainly because the company focuses on building innovative products and offering unique services that were earlier thought of to be impossible.


Securus Technologies has a huge network in the correctional industry and over a million inmates use its services and more than 2,400 law enforcement agencies depend on the company for its investigative products and services. Over the years, the company has been able to win the trust of its customers, and it is mostly because the company believes in providing efficient services at economical prices.


Securus Technologies has a good hold in the correctional technology, and it can be seen in the amount of law enforcement agencies uses its services. As of now, close to three thousand law enforcement bodies and thousands of law enforcement officers trust the investigative products and services offered by Securus Technologies. You can be sure that the services provided by Securus Technologies are useful, efficient, and economical.


The inmates don’t have to pay a fortune to use its services, and the law enforcement agencies have experienced a major improvement in its performance after integrating the crime prevention technology the company offers. Securus Technologies believe that technology has a critical role to play in the correctional industry and it is for this reason, the company has also set up a technology center in Dallas, Texas. The technology center focuses on developing new technologies and creating new products and services.

Organizations Fighting for Hunan Rights in Arizona



Lacey and Larkin Frontera is one of the recognized non-profit organization leans on the side of the civil and human rights. The team has stretched its arms further to advocate for the rights of the migrants across the city of Arizona and the Mexico border.

The founders of the organization are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Both of them felt the weight of discrimination that was being burdened to the migrants in the Arizona based on race and place of origin and came up with the idea.

Michel Lacey and Jim Larkin dedicated much of their time to fight for the rights of the migrants. They channel the fund that they were compensated after winning the case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The organization was an avenue for the less fortunate people in the society and the Mexican immigrant who were facing a lot of discrimination in the city of Arizona.

American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona is an organization that was set in the year 1959. The main reason behind it was to push for the amendment of the sort of unconstitutional laws in the city of Arizona with the purpose of creating equality to all residents. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The primary target of the group was the discriminated minorities who had been sidelined on certain matters in the society such as intermarriage. ACLU voiced for the freedom of the citizens who had been convicted without any substantiation and were facing discrimination against the law.

American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona is another organization that lengthens their arms to fight for the freedom of speech to the laborers in the city of Arizona. One of the achievements of the group is that it managed to overturn the federal law that was not involving the migrants the bail and stated it as unconstitutional.

ACLU in the city of Arizona was integrated into the team that was against the “Paper Please” SB 1070. The law was demanding for the execution of the immigrant against the human rights statement in the city.

The group also pushed for the sanity creation on the issue that was demanding for the deportation of the immigrants who had gained access to the United States through the forged documents.

Heather Hamel founded the justice that was linked to many organization that was fighting for the equality in the society. The group was echoing the new system that was being stemmed into the city of Arizona.

The team runs many campaigns across the city through the radio shows and some lawyers such as Ayensa Milan and Viridiana Hernandez who were playing the critical role in the group.

Arizona Justice Project is another organization that was set to sponsor the right of inmates across the Arizona. The group had set its branches that were well coordinated with the law schools and experts who were supporting the move.

The reason for the erection of the Arizona Justice Project was because there were a lot of inmates that were being convicted wrongly by the law without any fair hearing.

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About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, both former ASU students and journalists have risen to folklore status by growing newspapers and defending first Amendment rights of Latin-American groups throughout the state of Arizona and beyond. The primary goal of the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin is to solve the immigration issue permanently.
In2007, Larkin and Lacey reported on their own sheriff’s office, the one and only Sheriff Joe Arpaio. These brave men were arrested at their homes and jailed on October 18, 2007, for revealing in Phoenix New Times that grand jury subpoenas targeted the paper’s writers and editors. The warrants proved to be counterfeit. However, Larkin and Lacey filed a suit in court accusing the sheriff and the Maricopa County of illegal detention. Maricopa County paid $3.75 million to settle the lawsuit Lacey and Larkin had brought for wrongful arrest in 2013.
Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin decided to start the Frontera Fund with the money they received in the settlement. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund finances organizations advocating for civil and migrant rights across Arizona. Their most recent project is the site Front Page Confidential, one that demonstrates again their commitment to a free press and reporting First Amendment issues.

Honey Birdette Broadens Its Base

The Australian based lingerie brand Honey Birdette is available in the United States via their new enhanced website. They also announced plans to go from three retail stores to 40 in the United Kingdom.

They currently have 55 stores in Australia and are aiming to open stores in the US as well as other places in Europe. The initial location they expanded to was the UK, the first being in London’s Covent Garden. They then added stores in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. They will start out opening 10 stores inside the United Kingdon in several locations including Liverpool, Newcastle, and Westfield Stratford.

Due to the extremely high demand of their lingerie, Honey Birdette’s website for the US was made available and will work to improve the experience customers have. Delivery is promised to be faster and orders over $50 will be delivered free. Prices for bras begin around $80 and sets that include a bra with briefs or a pair of thongs can run about $130. Everything from S&M to gentle lace can be found. The website also offers future pay, which allows you to purchase and pay later. You can make a payment as low as $25 per month, for qualifying customers.

Their collections offer customers several choices, including purchasing sets or individual pieces. The pieces are all high quality and designed with sex appeal in mind.

The brand was initially launched in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane. They are described as being, “Australia’s first sensuality boutique.” They feature various collections, each given a female name with a specific design and color. The styles are unique and elegant. From playful to pleasure-filled, Honey Birdette has something to offer.

Marc Sparks and the Uncommon Meaning of Success

Many times, the stereotypical businessman may be seen as having the planets align in his favor and his success built on the backs of others. These preconceived notions are shattered by Marc Sparks, a truly unique and successful entrepreneur who will quickly dismiss the false ideas about venture capitalism. Also a notable philanthropist, Sparks has balanced his hard work with a genuine heart for others in a way that is rarely seen.


Marc Sparks has created his current success through various lessons that came from his experience in the field of venture capitalism. Sparks graduated from high school in 1975 and almost immediately began helping to fund startups. With over 30 years of experience at the present time, Sparks retains a select number of portfolio companies through his venture capital firm, Timber Creek Capital LP. The unique approach by Sparks to build companies comes from creating a positive culture within the ranks of the business instead of merely relying on a bare-bones model. Learn more:


The breakthroughs achieved by Marc Sparks in both business and life has culminated in the publishing of his first book, titled They Can’t Eat You. Within the book, Sparks very candidly details the different stages of his life and career, offering unmatched insight regarding how an optimistic attitude and dedicated work can ultimately lead to success. Still, “success” takes on a different meaning for Sparks. He mentions that being rich equates to having good health, a loving family at home, and friends with which to spend time. Learn more :


This different approach to the world by Sparks is most apparent in his philanthropic efforts. Since the 1980’s, Marc Sparks has been a part of The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter based in Texas that helps individuals start down a new path to a better life. The Samaritan Inn offers a comprehensive program that rehabilitates the homeless and assists them in entering the workforce.


Sparks also has a strong passion for building and construction, which is evident in his time spent with Habitat for Humanity ( He has helped build numerous homes through his own contributed manual labor, efforts that naturally tie into his enthusiasm for staying active and being healthy. The love for competition displayed by Sparks carries over into sports and outdoor activities.


In order to expand his global perspective, Sparks has visited numerous countries around the world and uses the cultural experience to improve his own life and business strategies.


Clay Siegall grows Seattle Genetics into major pharmaceutical player

Clay Siegall has become one of the most renowned medical researchers in the United States today. As the CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics, the nation’s foremost pharmaceutical company, specializing in antibody drug conjugates, he has distinguished himself as a visionary CEO and a capable business leader. Dr. Siegall’s journey to become one of the most successful pharmaceutical entrepreneurs in the United States was long and winding, taking him through a number of interesting stages that ultimately culminated in the development of one of the most revolutionary forms of cancer drugs synthesized in recent history.

While still at undergraduate school, Dr. Siegall had a family member that got sick with cancer. Throughout the course of the treatment, it became increasingly clear to Dr. Siegall that the treatment seemed to be worse than the disease itself. At one point, Dr. Siegall’s relative developed severe anemia and nearly died. This was not due to the cancer. Instead, it was due to the highly toxic chemotherapy that his relative was receiving. Dr. Siegall thought that there must be a better way to treat cancer.

It was during this time period that he decided to dedicate his life to becoming a cancer researcher and developing new forms of more tolerable and less side-effect-producing chemotherapies. After receiving an MS from the University of Maryland in biology and a PhD in genetics from George Washington University, Dr. Siegall was eventually hired by the National Cancer Institute. He worked there for four years, developing new forms of a class of drugs known as targeted cancer therapies. These are drugs that go after the malignant tissues themselves, rather than systemically releasing highly lethal cytotoxins into the patient’s bloodstream.

After having distinguished himself as an able researcher at the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Siegall was eventually hired by Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of the leading cancer research firms in the world. While at Bristol-Myers Squibb Dr. Clay Siegall began working on a completely novel form of targeted cancer therapy. These drugs had never been synthesized before and were operating on a completely new principle. The idea was to take human antibodies and attach lethal cytotoxins to them so that they would be delivered directly to the site of the tumor. Dr. Siegall called these drugs antibody drug conjugates.

After working for approximately 7 years with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Siegall decided to strike out on his own. In 1998, he founded Seattle Genetics. Today, Seattle Genetics is the leading antibody drug conjugate producer in the world, helping to save thousands of lives per year.

NuoDB cloud database a popular choice among the tech world

NuoDB is the top choice for cloud database services. The company is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and was founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. The company was launched in 2008 and continues to grow in the tech world. NuoDB is best known for their elastically scalable database. Gartner Magic Quadrant praised the company in 2008. Jim Starkey holds the patent to the NuoDB cloud database. NuoDB earned $12 million in venture capital. Boston Business Journal named NuoDB an Innovation All Star. In 2015, Barry Morris was named executive chairman and Bob Walmsley was promoted to CEO. Social platform Causesquare joined up with NuoDB. Causesquare is a social platform that connects donors and volunteers with non-profit organizations.

NuoDB cloud database was designed as an elastic SQL database for cloud based applications. The NuoDB has made their SQL database SQL compliant as well as ACID compliant. The database works without sharding. The database operates on a tiered system, made up of multiple tiers of engines and storage managers. The latest update released in 2017 added support for Amazon Web Services Inc and includes table partitions. NuoDB continues to thrive in the tech world. The cloud database has become popular among those that rely on cloud databases.

How Did Andrew Rocklage Start SkyZone?

There are a number of people who wish to have an adventure when they come to SkyZone, and there are many people who will find that going to SkyZone will help people have a good time.

Andrew has built a brand that allows him to have an adventure, and he has brought adventure to many people who want it. This article explains how his company is growing, and it shows that he has chosen the perfect way to give the people of America a good time.

#1: The Design Of The Business

The design of the company is family-friendly, and there are many people who wish to come to SkyZone to have a good time when they come to SkyZone.

They will find something fun for their kids to do, and they will give their kids a good time that they cannot get in other places. Someone who is new to the company may choose their favorite activity, and there are many people who come back often to do the same things that they are accustomed to doing.

#2: Andrew Is Daring

Andrew Rocklage ensures that he is willing to partake in the same adventures, and there are many people who will see him doing the things that they love most when they come to his business.

His company is a fun place to play when the public shows up, and there are a number of people who will hang out for a few hours because they want to try the same things that they have seen Andrew do.

#3: Andrew Works Hard To Expand

The company must expand quite a lot with Andrew’s help, and he knows that there are a number of people who want to see his SkyZone business come to their area. It is far more fun for people to adventure with his business because it makes their adventures away.

These adventures are much easier to complete when the company come to the community, and Andrew is expanding the offerings in each SkyZone location. He wants to see more arcade games, and he wants to give people in the location a place to have fun with their family.

It is far simpler for someone to adventure when they come to see SkyZone that was built by Andrew Rocklage. He believes that there are a number of people who should get the adventure out of their system, and he knows that there are a number of people who will come because they have no other place to get that adrenaline fix.

It is simpler for someone to have a lovely time when they come to SkyZone, and the management style of Andrew Rocklage makes the company much stronger.

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Boraie Rebuilds and Redesigns Urban Cities

Boraie Development LLC is a modern real estate development company that is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company is led by 72-year-old Sam Boraie, who serves as the president and specializes in the redesigning and rebuilding urban development. Omar’s vision when starting the business was to rebuild New Brunswick to something similar he had seen in Europe when was a traveling scholar.

Omar Boraie’s Vision

Omar had an awful experience when his business began in 1972. The residents of New Brunswick would desert the place in the evening. Also, the first project that he tackled consisted of 21 blocks of run down and vacant buildings. As a result, a majority of people thought he was insane to construct high-end condos and office buildings in downtown New Brunswick. Afterwards, Omar Boraie realized that the city was in need of residential units of better quality. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

According to Philly Purge, his vision of a high rise complex in New York was completed in 2007 when he built the 25 story Spring Street Condominium Building with 121 units, parking garage, and retail shops. As his business developed, Omar saw the need for luxury developments since many business professionals wanted to work in New Brunswick. Omar’s primary goal was to attract good and high-quality tenants, and this is seen through the continuous development of quality condos and office buildings in Newark, New Brunswick and Atlantic City.

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About Boraie Development

Boraie Development offers a variety of services that focus on the urban market of the real estate’s industry such as property management, real estate development as well as sales and marketing. The team at Borarie aims at building spectacular urban properties and service to the clients. Over the past thirty years, Boraie Development has a track record of enhancing the urban communities in New Brunswick area. The company’s investment strategy mainly involves the investment in urban neighborhoods, residential properties, and retail establishments. For more details visit Bloomberg

Boraie Development has had a significant impact on the transformation of New Brunswick City. The firm has currently been focusing on the downtown areas of Newark City. The company has even partnered with Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball legend, and developed residential and commercial real estate in other New Jersey cities. This partnership led to a 10 million dollar renovation project in 2012. The following year, the company began a 60 million dollar rental complex project that happens to be the first housing tower in downtown Newark.

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Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Address the Difficulty of Finding the Desired Products

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have a passion for fashion. Therefore, they know all of the issues that can come with fashion. Among the things they understand is all of the frustrations that can come with looking for products they like. People who shop in malls and go looking for clothes can agree with the fact that it can be very difficult to find an item that they like or a style that fits them perfectly. Often times, people have a certain style that only a certain type of store has, and not every mall has that type of store. Therefore, they have one of two choices, they can either just settle for what they have near them, or they can go online.


Fortunately, Adam and Don has worked on ways to bring forth items that people want. This has resulted in a huge successful company called TechStyle. This fashion company has brought forth a lot of offers for women. Among the clothes that they have sold at the beginning were shoes for women. They have slowly expanded their product offers until they started selling full outfits and accessories. A lot of thought and creativity has gone into the designs so that people will find something unique and compelling to buy.


Adam and Don also understand that when customers find a fashion retailer that consistently has what they want, they are more likely to stick with the retailer. Therefore, they design the brands of TechStyle in order to gather information on the customers such as the type of life they live and their style. Among the advantages of this is the company winds up selling a higher percentage of their product than other companies that just throw everything at the wall just to see what sticks. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics and other brands of the TechStyle company are believed to have a bright future ahead of it. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler do more than just offer high fashion. They make sure that what they have to offer is ethically handled as well so that they can present a good message of sustainability.