Texas Takes High Road with Highland Capital

Highland Capital has been making rounds recently with investors after almost tripling its gains in 2016. The firm has unique and specialized arms giving it a unique position among hedge funds to have extremely diverse revenue streams. Highland Capital has shown over the last twenty years to have a good track record as alternative credit manager overseas. The fund maintains headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but also has offices in Singapore, South Korea, Sao Paulo, and New York. The fund currently manages a portfolio valued at over $14 billion dollars. Highland is among one of the largest bank loan managers in the world with about $13 billon in bank loan assets currently under their management.

Highland benefits from a very diversified client base that encompasses governments, corporations, proper financial institutions, public pension plans, endowments, foundations, and high net worth persons. Highland has produced great returns for their clients with aggressive, yet time tested investment methods with their two decades of experience honing high yield long-only credit strategies. This exposes clients to the liquid, corporate high yield credit market.

Most recently, Highland Capital was in the news for launching a health care fund backed by the South Korean National Pension Service. This deal encompassed $147 million in capital commitments from the South Korean NPS. Highland is not a newcomer to investing in the healthcare sector with $1.5 billion of healthcare assets currently under management. The investors participating in the Korean NPS deal with Highland have specific goals and objectives in the healthcare sector focused on investment returns. The deal also includes opportunities for co-investment to achieve strategic objectives in Korea, China, and the US.

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