Securus’ Facility Customer Comments Reveal the Company’s Commitment to Make the Corrections Industry Safe

As a renowned technology and communication service provider, Securus Technologies’ solutions are aimed at helping facility customers meet their goals. Most of the customers in the corrections industry use the solutions for investigation, public safety, and monitoring. In 2016, Securus released some of the clients’ comments on the significance of its technologies in solving crimes.


Clients’ Comments


Securus Technologies received the comments in the form of electronic mail and formal letters. They came from jail and prison officers in the US whose main task is to make the corrections environment safe by preventing and solving crimes.


One of the emails sent to Securus focused on how information extracted from phone calls was used to enforce the law by capturing a corrupt person. A representative from a correctional facility in the US also spoke about how their company has been using Securus’ products and services for the last ten years. Some customers praised the inmate communication service provider for its vision that entails assessing and developing emerging opportunities.


Securus’s LBS software was one of the most praised products in the comments. Clients said that the software has been used with other law enforcement tools to recover money, illegal assets, and drugs. Securus’ executive officer and board chair, Rick Smith, pointed out that the company frequently releases new services and products. He also mentioned that Securus’ mission is to develop solutions that enhance safety in the incarceration environment.


Securus’ Service Portfolio


Since its inception, Securus Technologies conducts its operations from its head office located in Dallas, TX. The firm’s civil and criminal justice technology services and products target over 3,000 correctional centers, public safety agencies and law enforcement agencies. Over 1.2 million inmates locked up in several prisons and jails across the US benefit from these solutions.


As a firm that is committed to connecting clients with secure technologies, Securus Technologies has a diverse service portfolio. This portfolio encompasses emergency response, inmate self-service, and public information solutions.

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