Eric Lefkofsky Excels in Many Different Ventures

Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and chairman of Groupon a very popular e-commerce site with coupons and deals for consumers about travel, dining,and consumer products. He is co-founder of Uptake a company that provides analytics to world’s largest companies. These are just a few of the many companies he has funded.

He co-founded Lightbank a venture capital investing group that develops new business and companies. As chairman of Lightbank he invests in innovative technology. Recently he has become co-founder and chairman of a company called Tempus. This company has designed and built an operating system that fights cancer.

Forbes estimates his wealth today at 1.79 billion. The company Tempus plans to design a large genomic database. It will compares an individual’s DNA so that doctor’s can custom design the therapy to the patient. Eric Lefkofsky comfortable with risk and with no background in genetics or medicine self funded Tempus.

When his wife had breast cancer he researched every avenue of treatment. He learned about treatments and the disease. He found that hospitals and doctors were far behind on the use of data. He says that technology has not permeated healthcare the way it did other industries.

Doctors collect data but in many cases do not have tools to analyze the information. He plans a partnership with leading hospitals to collect a large amount of data. His company will provide gene sequencing tests from a lab in North Rive that is 20,000 square foot long.

Tempus will provide doctors with software that provides them a way to compare a patient’s genetic profile to their database. This will help them find what treatments worked most effectively. At Tempus, he hired Kevin White a geneticist and top researcher from the University of Chicago. The company now has almost 100 highly qualified trained staff.

Tempus is owned 50/50 by Lefkofsky and his partner Brad Keywell. Their motivation for investing in this company comes from personal reasons and knowing about a problem and find a solutions. They are willing to invest over $100 million in Tempus to learn more: click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is very active in charitable causes. In 2006 he started Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife Liz to fund programs that help change lives in communities. They have contributed to education, medical, arts, and human rights causes. He is a trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Museum of Science and Industry.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Gives Feedback on the Water Waste Issue in Brazil

The Government has recently mentioned a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. With this partnership, one of the issues that both parties plan to address is the water contamination that’s occurring in Brazil in certain areas. During a concession, they are going to address the “basic sanitation” needs for Brazil. The president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, mentioned several crucial statics. For instance, in Brazil 90% of their sanitation services are “performed by public power, and of these, about 70% of users are served by state organizations.”

Trata Brasil is an organization designed to address public health issues in Brazil. The National Bank of Economic and Social Development will review surveys for each state that the organization serves, to create actions plans to address the specific needs of each area. Carlos mentions that one community is greatly concerned with water contamination. He believes that the technology that private enterprises are currently using will help to obviate the water contamination issues in Brazil. That is why a partnership is extremely vital at this time.

Felipe Montoro Jens mentioned that it is important to consider the cost of such a proposal, and is also crucial to consider the drafting of the contracts. Each facet should be examined thoroughly in order for the action plans to be successful. These duties will be assigned to the government of Brazil during the concession. This will be done to ensure clarity.


Felipe Montoro Jens has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Fundao, and a Master in International Management from the American Garvin School of International Management. He oversees the planning, controlling, treasury, corporate and project finance divisions in Brazil as a member of the board of directors. He continues to actively show his commitment to Brazil by ensuing that the citizens in each community are getting the best quality of life.

Texas Takes High Road with Highland Capital

Highland Capital has been making rounds recently with investors after almost tripling its gains in 2016. The firm has unique and specialized arms giving it a unique position among hedge funds to have extremely diverse revenue streams. Highland Capital has shown over the last twenty years to have a good track record as alternative credit manager overseas. The fund maintains headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but also has offices in Singapore, South Korea, Sao Paulo, and New York. The fund currently manages a portfolio valued at over $14 billion dollars. Highland is among one of the largest bank loan managers in the world with about $13 billon in bank loan assets currently under their management.

Highland benefits from a very diversified client base that encompasses governments, corporations, proper financial institutions, public pension plans, endowments, foundations, and high net worth persons. Highland has produced great returns for their clients with aggressive, yet time tested investment methods with their two decades of experience honing high yield long-only credit strategies. This exposes clients to the liquid, corporate high yield credit market.

Most recently, Highland Capital was in the news for launching a health care fund backed by the South Korean National Pension Service. This deal encompassed $147 million in capital commitments from the South Korean NPS. Highland is not a newcomer to investing in the healthcare sector with $1.5 billion of healthcare assets currently under management. The investors participating in the Korean NPS deal with Highland have specific goals and objectives in the healthcare sector focused on investment returns. The deal also includes opportunities for co-investment to achieve strategic objectives in Korea, China, and the US.

For more information follow Highland Financial on Twitter.

Porfirio Sanchez CEO of Editorial Televisa Grows Company Worldwide

Porfirio Sanchez is the CEO at Editorial Televisa who graduated from IATM with a Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics and then went on to the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he got a Masters in Executive Education before proceeding to Carnegie Mellon University to receive a Ph.D. in Institute for Software Research. Sanchez has been the CEO of the Editorial Televisa since June of 2015 and Editorial Televisa is a Broadcast Media company that is based in Cruz Manaca in Mexico City, Mexico.

Porfirio Sanchez is not only the manager and CEO of the entire company but he also oversees many special projects within the company as well. He ensures that the projects that the company takes on are specializing them in both terms of marketing and telecommunications as well. He was chosen as one of the 30 most promising promises of the year in 2014 according to the Expansion magazine. Sanchez started the Editorial Televisa when he left his job at the World Bank because this seemed like quite a bit more fun.

Editorial Televisa is a project that is designed to “win over new audiences in various markets as well as their advertisers”. To do this Porfirio Sanchez currently relies heavily on the director of special projects Sanchez Galindo to bring better infomercial advertising on board for the company as well as to help them get a diverse range of various programming onto their network. Galindo previously worked with a company responsible for publishing 17 different magazines on 11 different websites that helped make up the previous print media group that she worked for.

Porfirio Sanchez previously also started MexicoLabMediaS21 in September of 201 which was a center that specialized in accumulating and generating research related to the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) to imagine and implement disrupt projects that provoked innovative relations of the public and private sectors of the country. Now her collaborates with papers like The New York Times & The Washington Post to help spread information via his new Editorial Televisia program and his company past just Mexico, but also across the US, North America, and around the world.

Business Specialist Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage is a legal advisor and a specialist like no one else. He received his preparation at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, which is Isenberg School of Management where he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Sports Management. In 2013, he proceeded onward from Suffolk University Law School with a Juris Doctor.

After he put in significant time by putting his degrees to work with a couple of organizations, for instance, the Boston Red Sox, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals and the law office of Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury and Murphy, P.C., Rocklage opened his own specific incitement establishment called “Sky Zone Trampoline Park.”

Gaining Experience and Building a Background:

Rocklage’s shot with EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals was instrumental in giving him the experience he anticipated that would partake in the mechanical world.

He was the corporate direction for this endeavor, and his years with this association made him develop his capacities as a mechanical pioneer. This establishment positively helped him make the outstanding background that people are having at Sky Zone today. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: and

Since its introduction in 2015, Sky Zone has formed into a business that consolidates more than 100 ranges over the globe. Sky Zone’s recognizing quality is its one end to the next trampoline that delights the two adults and children. It is not at all like whatever other experience on the planet.

Supporters have never experienced dodgeball like the preoccupation they can play at Sky Zone’s “Authoritative Dodgeball” court. “Sky Slam makes everyone’s dream of taking care of business like an expert appear. “Foam Pit” empowers them to make the most overcome ricocheted that they could never attempt apparently without the fear of getting hurt. The best thing is that totally everyone is welcome at Sky Zone whether they are physically alive and well or not.

Rocklage has had the opportunity to offer this new kind of interesting to people in an option that is other than the United States. He starting at now has Sky Zones in Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Andrew & Sky Zone:

Sky Zone has awed numerous people consistently, and they have shown precisely how far their regard goes by conceding Rocklage a couple of honors. Inc. gave Sky Zone the 273rd spot on its 2015 “5000” once-over. Forbes “America’s Most Prominent Company” list gave Sky Zone spot number 55.

Vegas Seven Magazine articulated that Sky Zone is the “Best Gym Alternative.” It got the “Close-by’s Choice for Kid’s Birthday Party” give in 2012. Finally, Entrepreneur declared that Sky Zone was one of the incitement establishments on its once-over of “New Concepts Livening Up Franchising.”

Rocklage’s Business Mindset:

Andrew Rocklage has had the ability to make his Sky Zone Trampoline Park work so well since he has expansive learning and cognizance of the business scene in Boston.

He has been productive in recruiting the best people in this town for his company because of his expertise and knowledge of how to do so effectively. His partners and laborers pass on the best to their customers, and this is the reason that people come back to his energy establishment again and again.

Philanthropy Work:

Andrew also credits his name towards a particularly outstanding inspiration. The Pan-Mass Challenge is a biking event that is held yearly in Massachusetts with the point of raising money to fight an extensive variety of development.

The money that is raised goes to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for investigating and what’s more treatment. Everyone is welcome to appreciate the association’s principal objective, including underpins, volunteers, promoters and, clearly, cyclists! In 2016, the Pan-Mass Challenge raised $47 million.

Read more: Andrew Rocklage | LinkedIn


Casio Audi, the Legendary Musician

Casio Audi, who is mainly known for financial positions, was initially a musician. He is known to many as the Brazilian music legend, who played a vital role in the Viper Rock Music Band. The band was formed in 1985 when he joined it and was initially just two brothers and their roommates, who played music in their house. Afterward, a neighbor was also interested, and later Casio was brought in making it a complete band. Yves and Pit were brothers who grew up playing music. To them, it was just a norm to play music, albeit not for recording purposes. Felipe Machado, their roommate, also happened to have a similar interest and so did Andrew Mataso, their neighbor. Mataso would join them often as they played music just for fun.
Growing up, Casio always knew that he had a musical talent, but the hardly used it as his studies stood on the way. However, upon clearing high school, when he found this group, which was interested in music, he joined without hesitation upon the request of Andre Matos. The group released that Casio was very talented with the drums and they immediately assigned him the role of the drummer in the group.
The group attributes Casio’s discipline and commitment to the success, which they fetched over the period that they were together. Casio would sleep late pitching the ideas of the songs made by the team. He also believed that quality is what would set the Vipers Rock Music Band apart from their competition. Consequently, he kept the group members on their toes telling them to sharpen their skills to stand out from the rest of the bands. As a result, the band kept learning new things, and this helped them reach the top of the charts in their first and second albums.

For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Are Changing The Way Doctors Work with a New Database

For patients of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they are each treated as individuals fighting cancer rather than a base cancer patient. This means that each patient is treated as their own and not as a group of patients who are fighting the same type of cancer. Your cancer is as unique as your DNA.
The patients that enter the centers are being treated by their different levels and different stages of cancer. The various new techniques and technologies that are being used by the centers is increasing the odds for patients of the center. There are new advances and treatment options out there to be used by patients and therefore is increasing the odds of beating cancer.

The Treatment Centers of America have worked hand and hand with NantHealth and Allscripts to come up with a plan and implemented it to give doctors across the nation the ability to help their patients with the access to the database which holds information on various treatment plans and therapies that are beneficial for treatment of cancer.

The new database is allowing for each oncologist to be given the information they need to help each patient on the journey to fighting cancer. Not every patient who is affected by cancer is going to have the same cancer. Each person who has cancer has a different DNA sequence and therefore their case should be treated individually rather than as a group.

The information that is entered into the database is going to use an unbiased collection of information within the library that covers various evident based treatment plans that help all types of cancers and the various levels of cancer a patient might have. It helps to keep the guesswork out of each treatment plan and helps to keep patients receiving the right options for their individual cases.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

Securus’ Facility Customer Comments Reveal the Company’s Commitment to Make the Corrections Industry Safe

As a renowned technology and communication service provider, Securus Technologies’ solutions are aimed at helping facility customers meet their goals. Most of the customers in the corrections industry use the solutions for investigation, public safety, and monitoring. In 2016, Securus released some of the clients’ comments on the significance of its technologies in solving crimes.


Clients’ Comments


Securus Technologies received the comments in the form of electronic mail and formal letters. They came from jail and prison officers in the US whose main task is to make the corrections environment safe by preventing and solving crimes.


One of the emails sent to Securus focused on how information extracted from phone calls was used to enforce the law by capturing a corrupt person. A representative from a correctional facility in the US also spoke about how their company has been using Securus’ products and services for the last ten years. Some customers praised the inmate communication service provider for its vision that entails assessing and developing emerging opportunities.


Securus’s LBS software was one of the most praised products in the comments. Clients said that the software has been used with other law enforcement tools to recover money, illegal assets, and drugs. Securus’ executive officer and board chair, Rick Smith, pointed out that the company frequently releases new services and products. He also mentioned that Securus’ mission is to develop solutions that enhance safety in the incarceration environment.


Securus’ Service Portfolio


Since its inception, Securus Technologies conducts its operations from its head office located in Dallas, TX. The firm’s civil and criminal justice technology services and products target over 3,000 correctional centers, public safety agencies and law enforcement agencies. Over 1.2 million inmates locked up in several prisons and jails across the US benefit from these solutions.


As a firm that is committed to connecting clients with secure technologies, Securus Technologies has a diverse service portfolio. This portfolio encompasses emergency response, inmate self-service, and public information solutions.

Succeeding as an Entrepreneur Through Investing

One of the most common ways for entrepreneurs to succeed is through investing. This is one of the easiest ways for employees to achieve financial independence. The only thing is that being an entrepreneur is going to take a lot of discipline when it comes to finances. For one thing, money management is very important for people when it comes to making profits. Another thing that is important for someone who wants to become an investor is to look at all of the available markets one could invest in. The world of the entrepreneur is very huge. Therefore, it is important to know where one fits in at a certain time. Entrepreneurs like Flavio Maluf has navigated the world of the entrepreneur and can give people advice on where they can go.


The whole point of being an entrepreneur is to be able to make a ton of money in a short amount of time without going to overboard with efforts. One thing that entrepreneurs don’t want is to be so desperate that they wind getting scammed. One thing that entrepreneurs need to understand is that they are more vulnerable to scams than the employee. Not being able to tell the difference between a scam and a legitimate opportunity can intimidate some aspiring entrepreneurs.


Fortunately, one of the best things that people can do when it comes to opportunities is read reviews. Another thing they can do is read advice from entrepreneurs such as Flavio Maluf. He has traveled the journey to success as an entrepreneur and he wants people to experience the same type of success that he himself has experienced. This is one of the reasons that he has built a huge web presence. When people have a lot of reliable sources to read from, then they are going to experience a smoother journey to success.