Cassio Audi – Dreams

The Brazilian heavy metal industry has been regarded one of the most successful in the world, ever since the ’80s – when such a genre became a crucial aspect of the global music industry. A top trailblazer in Brazilian heavy metal was Viper, a band that was formed in 1985 and then remained active in its different lineups for more than three decades. Despite many personnel and style changes, Viper’s still remembered by many for its original lineup – one that included a special drummer, Cassio Audi.

A current financial investor who has successfully lead investment groups for many years, Audi has embarked on a career path that has provided him work for many institutions and private businesses. His current career, as one can imagine, is quite different to his very first job as a Brazilian rock band drummer for what would later become a leading bands in the country’s heavy metal genre. Audi is remembered as having played a vital important within the development of a small group of teenagers who moved from playing for small gigs and recording demo tracks to eventually releasing a studio album.

For this gifted individual, finding his path to the finance industry after working in heavy metal scene shows many talents and diversity. Recently, Brazil has experienced stagnant markets. Latin America’s economy faces increasing challenges with growth of 7.5 percent or less. The Banco Central do Brazil struggles to reduce inflation through hiking its Selic interest rates to 11 percent from 7.25 percent.

New investors are challenged to find the best investment for this economic environment. It’s therefore imperative that they obtain advice from experienced CFOs – on the best investments to raise their profits. Financial officers, like Audi, bolster invaluable tactics to help improve Brazil’s economy and later attract more investors.

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