Andrew Rolfe: A Passionate Leader in Helping Others

In being one of the main leaders of TowerBrook as well as several other organizations, Andrew Rolfe still reaches back in helping others. He is the Chairman for the Ubuntu Education Fund which is a non-profit organization based in South Africa’s township of Zwide, Port Elizabeth. This organization focuses on social welfare, education, health, and the overall well-being of the community. And not only that, their helping hand reaches abroad to help as many as possible around the world.

As mentioned before, Andrew Rolfe is a very busy and powerful man with all of his prestigious roles at different organizations. However, he is not so busy that he ignores the needs of others. And with Andrew Rolfe being the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, he works tirelessly to help people worldwide to achieve steps necessary to reach the next step in their lives and careers.

This company knows that capital funding is limited in various parts of the world, so they continue to encourage high capital individuals and organizations to help in this fight in helping others financially. And so far, many people are excited about the positive changes made through Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund. So far, Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund have made significantly positive differences in people’s lives. He has gained an outstanding reputation among colleagues and others within this industry as he has proven his strong desire to help others through his tireless efforts.

Other Important Details

Andrew Rolfe has a masters of business administration degree from Harvard University. He also has a masters of arts degree from Oxford University, ST Edmund Hall, and a bachelors of arts degree from the Oxford University in philosophy, politics, and economics.


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