Lime Crime Makeup Excels In Self Expression

Makeup has long been a passion of women and men alike. Cosmetic companies initially catered to women “enhancing their natural beauty”, but in recent years makeup has become much more than that. It has become not only an elaborate art form, but also a means of self expression for all individuals. While many cosmetic companies are producing new and innovative products, one brand stands out for its unique items.


Launched by Doe Deere in 2008, Lime Crime cosmetics provides colorful, cruelty-free makeup products for women and men. The brand started with what they call Unicorn Lipsticks, much like classic, bullet-style lipsticks but in a range of enticing colors. They followed with what would become their most popular and renowned item, Velvetines. The brand’s signature item is a liquid lipstick that comes in a matte or metallic finish. From “Alien”, a neon green for daring makeup enthusiasts, to “Red Velvet”, a classic cherry red for more traditional enthusiasts, there is a color for everyone. There are currently over 50 shades of Velvetines with new shades frequently being added.


Expanding on the popularity of their lip products, the brand recently introduced Perlees, a bullet-style lipstick with a metallic finish. Following were Diamond Crushers, iridescent lip toppers that add a glittery finish to matte lipsticks.


While widely known for their range of lip products, Lime Crime has also produced two popular eyeshadow palettes. The first being Venus: The Grunge Palette, a collection of earthy reds and browns. Secondly came Venus 2, a collection of unconventional shades such as “Filter”, a periwinkle blue, and “Mustard”, a dark yellow.


Due to the success of its makeup products, the brand recently expanded to included hair dyes. True to style, the brand’s hair dye is bright and vibrant. Popular shades include “Bunny”, a vibrant bubblegum pink, and “Jello”, a bright green reminiscent of the gelatinous snack food.


Lime Crime looks to revolutionize the cosmetic industry, consistently introducing new and exciting products. Recent additions to their line have included highlighters, pop-on nails and mermaid makeup brushes, surely with more to come!

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