The Varied Career of Entrepreneur Greg Secker

Greg Secker has made a career for himself in a number of ways. He is an entrepreneur who started his own company in 2003. He is also a public speaker who has spoken internationally at various forums, conferences, and corporate retreats. Additionally, he is a philanthropist who has donated money to a variety of worthwhile causes. His most satisfying and important role, though, he says is being a father to his children.

When he founded his company, Knowledge to Action Group, in 2013, Greg Secker built a company that helps people earn money in the financial markets. His company has a number of subsidiaries such as Learn to Trade which teaches people how to make profitable trades. SmartCharts Software is a technology firm that gives people an online platform to trade on. Capital Index is Greg Secker’s firm that offers brokerage services while FX Capital specializes in forex trading, or currency trading.

When Greg first entered the world of finance it was at Thomas Cook Financial where he worked the foreign exchange business. This led to him advancing his career by joining Mellon Financial Corporation as a Vice President. He learned enough in this position that he was able to amass a fortune that allowed him to retire from the company and set up his own business helping others do what he had done. To date, more than 200,000 have used his educational services to discover how they can earn money on stock markets around the world.

As a philanthropist, Greg Secker established the Greg Secker Foundation. He has given enough money to place him #151 on the Richtopia 2017 list of the top philanthropists around the world. He favors educational charities as well as those that help disadvantaged youth and those that teach youth leadership.

As a public speaker and financial expert, Greg Secker has appeared on networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg. During his speaking career he has also shared the stage with other well-known speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, and the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair.


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