Keep Cool in Norcal with Tips from Goettl

Norcal residents can have a cooler summer with these tips from HVAC company Goettl. Cooling a home seems to cost more and more. With these tips and tricks from Goettl, a homeowner can save more while cooling their home.

The most important step is to keep the cool air in by weatherizing the home. By weatherizing the house, the cold air is kept in and the ac unit does not have to work harder. Another trick is to make sure the ac unit is kept in the shade, so the unit won’t have to work as hard to cool air. Another similar tip is to keep the thermostat away from sources of heat, so the heat won’t trick the thermostat into thinking the whole house is hot.

A way to keep the house cooler is to invest in low emission windows or apply window tint to already existing windows. This idea will keep the rays from heating up the whole house. Setting the thermostat at 78 degrees, or as close as possible, will help to save money. Make sure to keep regular maintenance on the unit, so the filter and other parts are kept up and running. If these tips do not work, then the unit may need to be replace.

Goettl Heating and Air operates in the Arizona and California area. For decades, they have serviced the area with high quality and dependable service. Mr. Goodrich bought the company and brought them back to their home of Las Vegas.


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