Cassio Audi – Dreams

The Brazilian heavy metal industry has been regarded one of the most successful in the world, ever since the ’80s – when such a genre became a crucial aspect of the global music industry. A top trailblazer in Brazilian heavy metal was Viper, a band that was formed in 1985 and then remained active in its different lineups for more than three decades. Despite many personnel and style changes, Viper’s still remembered by many for its original lineup – one that included a special drummer, Cassio Audi.

A current financial investor who has successfully lead investment groups for many years, Audi has embarked on a career path that has provided him work for many institutions and private businesses. His current career, as one can imagine, is quite different to his very first job as a Brazilian rock band drummer for what would later become a leading bands in the country’s heavy metal genre. Audi is remembered as having played a vital important within the development of a small group of teenagers who moved from playing for small gigs and recording demo tracks to eventually releasing a studio album.

For this gifted individual, finding his path to the finance industry after working in heavy metal scene shows many talents and diversity. Recently, Brazil has experienced stagnant markets. Latin America’s economy faces increasing challenges with growth of 7.5 percent or less. The Banco Central do Brazil struggles to reduce inflation through hiking its Selic interest rates to 11 percent from 7.25 percent.

New investors are challenged to find the best investment for this economic environment. It’s therefore imperative that they obtain advice from experienced CFOs – on the best investments to raise their profits. Financial officers, like Audi, bolster invaluable tactics to help improve Brazil’s economy and later attract more investors.

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Government Concessions in Brazil Aim to Benefit Basic Sanitation Levels

Along with the support of the National Bank of Brazil, the Brazilian government has broadcast their plans to create beneficial concessions throughout the country. So far the water industry has been one of the first sectors to support and applaud the effort, but many thinks that the current situation will need to be adjusted before the project can be called a success.

Edson Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil, an institution with a vested interest in this project predicted that the plan will need to undergo some adjustments before they can be set in motion. Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert on infrastructure and commented that the high levels of waste currently in practice will need to be fully addressed before the project can proceed.

Most of the adjustments that will need to be made are in the sector of administration, but also in resources and structures as well, according to Edson Carlos. At the moment, 90% of Brazil’s population are receiving power and basic sanitation. But 70% of this is coming from state owned industries and the remaining 30% from private organizations. According to the plans, the two sources will be working in conjunction as they will both learn more from the exchange and serve the people of Brazil better.

Carlos Edison went on to applaud the private sector and their application of high-tech processing that give the state-owned enterprise much to emulate. Felipe Montoro Jens noted that the improved processing methodologies could also be applied to reducing the critical waste levels.

Felipe Montero Jens is an expert on this type of infrastructure and has lent his valuable skills to providing insights on making this project a reality. In addition to working as the President of His company Participações e Investimentos S.A. Mr. Jens is also the Chief Executive Officer of His company Properties. Felipe Montoro Jens currently serves as the Head of the Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A.

Kabbalah Centre Seeks Volunteers to Help Transform Lives of People and the World

Kabbalah Centre is presently seeking volunteers to join its Volunteer Program to work in teams and help transform lives of people and the world. Join one or more of eight teams available at the Centre, including Class, Mentor, Spreading Kabbalah, Bookstore, Local Events, Support, Zohar Project, and/or Community Outreach. The opportunities are immeasurable for volunteers to come together as one to make an incredible difference in the lives of others and communities. Help the Kabbalah Centre mentor to new students, plan community activities, organize international events, visit the sick, clean up the world, and spread Zohar.

The mission of the volunteer team is to inspire wisdom students and members of the non-profit organization to live the wisdom of Kabbalah by showing the Light in the world and individual lives. People from all walks of life become volunteers after completing classes to share their skills and wisdom with others. Former students who attended the Kabbalah Centre may join the classes team to create a friendly and learning environment for new students. It’s the perfect opportunity for volunteers who have experience as teachers and instructors to help students in classes. The Kabbalah Centre is also looking for experienced volunteers to help build long-lasting relationships with students, work in the bookstore, apply their skills to organize events, feed the homeless, and share Zohar.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag established the Kabbalah Centre nearly 85 years ago to teach the wisdom of Kabbalah. Zohar is an ancient Kabbalah text incorporated into studies during the 1500’s. Students at the Centre are taught universal spiritual and physical laws, as well as, the crossing of the soul. They are able to transform themselves into helpful human beings by putting away all selfishness to influence people to improve their lives to learn more: click here.

Wisdom is always the source for individuals to learn about their origin and purpose while living on earth. Kabbalah Centre has locations throughout the United States, Oceanic, Africa, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America. Become a volunteer and select a Kabbalah Team of choice based on skills to help mentor students and improve global communities.

Andrew Rolfe: A Passionate Leader in Helping Others

In being one of the main leaders of TowerBrook as well as several other organizations, Andrew Rolfe still reaches back in helping others. He is the Chairman for the Ubuntu Education Fund which is a non-profit organization based in South Africa’s township of Zwide, Port Elizabeth. This organization focuses on social welfare, education, health, and the overall well-being of the community. And not only that, their helping hand reaches abroad to help as many as possible around the world.

As mentioned before, Andrew Rolfe is a very busy and powerful man with all of his prestigious roles at different organizations. However, he is not so busy that he ignores the needs of others. And with Andrew Rolfe being the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, he works tirelessly to help people worldwide to achieve steps necessary to reach the next step in their lives and careers.

This company knows that capital funding is limited in various parts of the world, so they continue to encourage high capital individuals and organizations to help in this fight in helping others financially. And so far, many people are excited about the positive changes made through Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund. So far, Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund have made significantly positive differences in people’s lives. He has gained an outstanding reputation among colleagues and others within this industry as he has proven his strong desire to help others through his tireless efforts.

Other Important Details

Andrew Rolfe has a masters of business administration degree from Harvard University. He also has a masters of arts degree from Oxford University, ST Edmund Hall, and a bachelors of arts degree from the Oxford University in philosophy, politics, and economics.


Rubbish Removal On The Day Of Order

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Founder And Visionary: Logan Stout Reveals Inspiration For Customized Supplement Company IDLife

The worlds of sports and nutrition are two of Logan Stout’s favorite worlds, which eventually combined to form the project of Stout’s dreams, a health and wellness company called ID Life. Sports were center stage and had a major impact on the outlook of Logan Stout throughout Stout’s youth thru adulthood. In a recent interview, Stout shares the extent of his sports passion and opens up about how childhood ambition became future company goals and how a love of sports inspired nutrition-centric business plans. The rabid baseball enthusiast and author details personal revelations and background history in a recent interview.

Stout, born and raised in Texas, had an intense attraction to baseball at an early age and continued to grow his baseball skills through high school, eventually earning an income as a professional baseball player. Stout’s passion for sports sparking corporate ambitions, Stout worked to implement revolutionary ideas in another sector that Stout is also passionate about – health.

The in-depth interview chronicles the achievements of Stout, who has earned both a business degree and a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. Stout’s desire to share sports enthusiasm with youth led to the development of one of the largest global youth baseball organizations. Stout’s desire to arm players with positive nutrition habits was fostered while working as a coach at Dallas Baptist University. The love of sports led to mentoring and coaching players which sprouted nutrition plans, to be unveiled via health and supplement market.

ID Life, a customized supplement provider, was founded by Logan Stout in 2014. A customized supplement service was designed because Stout felt consumers are often unassisted during the supplement selection phase while shopping. ID Life serves to meet this void by interpreting data input by users, then providing recommendations and product offerings.

ID Life was formed using a unique business model. What separates ID Life from other traditional business models is a foundation built on core concepts regarding supplement marketplace competitiveness, high corporate employee standards and quality sourced products. ID Life emphasizes the openness of the supplement market with the top five grossing supplement companies comprising just 20% of total sales.

Jim Tananbaum’s Success in Life

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital that he developed in 2011. He has an M.D from Havard Medical School, an M.B.A from Havard Business School, B.S and B.S.E.E from Yale University, and an M.S from MIT. He is also a family man who likes having dinner with his family. He likes working out in between his meetings every day. He has twenty-five years of experience in health care entrepreneurship and strategizing on investments. He is a risk taker who researches on the opportunities presented. This is encouraged by his love for learning. This has helped him to invest and make good returns. His learning spirit has enabled him to have several mentors and maintain good relations with leading academicians and his partners in prior businesses. He believes in networking. He does it when he is not with his family and friends.

Jim Tananbaum encourages good teamwork through complementing members in the team. This leads to success. He discourages insecurities among team members because this does not bring success. He believes that ideas are not just built on capital. They are also built on persistence and leaders in the field. This brings about the need for networking. It is necessary to believe in oneself as an entrepreneur. People should not listen to what others say because this influences them to make unnecessary compromises. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

Jim is a critical thinker who tries to predict how things will move in the future. This enables him to be one step ahead in business. This is what enabled him to develop Foresite Capital as a company that offers capital information and networks to health care facilities. Jim recognized a gap. He found out that most investors do not want to invest in the field of innovative healthcare products. This is because the field needs more time and capital than most investors appreciate. Tananbaum must be one of the rare business people to find. Most people believe in bringing down other people to get to the top. This is what makes him successful in all spheres of life.

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Igor Cornelsen – Prominent Figure In Brazilian Financial And Banking Industry

Igor Cornelsen is a leading figure in the banking and financial sector of Brazil and is a reputed financial consultant as well. Presently, he heads Bainbridge Group, where he provides strategic financial guidance to his clients for long-term wealth creation and helps his client manage their assets and investments efficiently. Over his career spanning many decades, Igor has headed and worked with many different financial organizations, which has helped him accumulate a wealth of knowledge of the financial market of Brazil. It is this experience combined with his financial and business foresight that allows him to provide strategic guidance to his clients to achieve long-term financial and investment goals.


Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil is a developing country and it presents many investment opportunities. However, for any company or an individual to invest and make the most of their investment in the country, it is important for them to understand the dynamics of the financial sector of the country before signing on the dotted line. Understanding the local culture, business dynamics, and economic scenario of the region is important. Igor is highly active on various social media platforms where he interacts with investors and provides his inputs on what can be done to maximize the returns from investment in Brazil.


Igor Cornelsen believes that once the investors have done their due diligence on the financial market of Brazil before investing, it becomes much easier to avoid current investment and financial mistake and generate higher returns. Igor also believes that the Brazilian Government should also do their part to attract more investors to the country by making some long-standing economic and financial reforms that would improve the chance of better returns, and help streamline the cash flow into the country. Many of the investment tips provided by Igor have featured in leading print and TV media, including CNBC.


Having worked with the top most banks in Brazil for many years has helped Igor understand the financial and banking industry of the country inside out. It is this insight that helps him give result-oriented financial tips and advice to his clients and followers. Igor has also had a good run while investing in the American Stock Market. Igor believes that the investment portfolio should be diversified and must have the risk based products as well as stabilizers to ensure the returns are generous, but not overly risk as well.

Lime Crime Makeup Excels In Self Expression

Makeup has long been a passion of women and men alike. Cosmetic companies initially catered to women “enhancing their natural beauty”, but in recent years makeup has become much more than that. It has become not only an elaborate art form, but also a means of self expression for all individuals. While many cosmetic companies are producing new and innovative products, one brand stands out for its unique items.


Launched by Doe Deere in 2008, Lime Crime cosmetics provides colorful, cruelty-free makeup products for women and men. The brand started with what they call Unicorn Lipsticks, much like classic, bullet-style lipsticks but in a range of enticing colors. They followed with what would become their most popular and renowned item, Velvetines. The brand’s signature item is a liquid lipstick that comes in a matte or metallic finish. From “Alien”, a neon green for daring makeup enthusiasts, to “Red Velvet”, a classic cherry red for more traditional enthusiasts, there is a color for everyone. There are currently over 50 shades of Velvetines with new shades frequently being added.


Expanding on the popularity of their lip products, the brand recently introduced Perlees, a bullet-style lipstick with a metallic finish. Following were Diamond Crushers, iridescent lip toppers that add a glittery finish to matte lipsticks.


While widely known for their range of lip products, Lime Crime has also produced two popular eyeshadow palettes. The first being Venus: The Grunge Palette, a collection of earthy reds and browns. Secondly came Venus 2, a collection of unconventional shades such as “Filter”, a periwinkle blue, and “Mustard”, a dark yellow.


Due to the success of its makeup products, the brand recently expanded to included hair dyes. True to style, the brand’s hair dye is bright and vibrant. Popular shades include “Bunny”, a vibrant bubblegum pink, and “Jello”, a bright green reminiscent of the gelatinous snack food.


Lime Crime looks to revolutionize the cosmetic industry, consistently introducing new and exciting products. Recent additions to their line have included highlighters, pop-on nails and mermaid makeup brushes, surely with more to come!

Beneful Puppy Food

All about Beneful Puppy Food

Beneful puppy food is a great choice of food to keep your puppy healthy and happy. Ninety percent of beneful users recommend this product and it has a 4.7 average rating. This puppy food is made with real farm raised chicken. The chicken is blended with accents of vegetables and whole grains. It is a very healthy choice of puppy food for your puppy. This food is made with real chicken, peas, and carrots. Beneful is healthy because they use real and healthy ingredients to make the best quality of food for your pup. Click here to watch video.

But chicken is not the only flavor! there are quite a few others if your puppy doesn’t prefer chicken. They also have beef, salmon, turkey, lamb, bacon, cheese, and peanut butter. They also make treats to treat your dog for their good behavior! There are several different flavors and products to choose from when choosing beneful.