Mixing Business With Pleasure With Wine

The Traveling Vineyard is providing something that many people feel is impossible, that work really can be fun! And hopefully rewarding too. The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling business, similar to Avon in concept and theoretically seems like it could be a whole lot more fun.

Traveling Vineyard launched in 2001 with the idea of bringing wine tastings and great wine to everyday people who enjoy drinking wine but may feel uncomfortable in an uptight, more judgmental setting. It gives the guests/clients an educational experience along with sampling great wines with the opportunity to purchase them. The Traveling Vineyard has grown to the point that their Facebook page contains over 30,000 likes and followers. One of the benefits of this business are its low start-up costs. For a couple of hundred dollars you can be up and running as a Wine Guide. With this start-up fee, the Traveling Vineyard provides a Success Kit which provides wine glasses, decanters, brochures and many other items. Most importantly, it provides two wine kits so you get started hosting two tasting parties. Obviously, the purpose of this business is to sell bottles of wine but there are no sales quota’s so you can grow at your own pace. You can start out having smaller tastings for friends and family and allow yourself to grow more organically if you choose. If you’re a social person who enjoys sampling great wines while talking to old friends and meeting new one’s. Then this home-based business might be just what you’re looking for!

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard; https://www.directsalesaid.com/companies/traveling-vineyard.

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