Lori Senecal Takes Inspiration From Steve Jobs

One of the best things an entrepreneur can do is take lessons from other entrepreneurs. Lori Senecal has taken inspiration from Steve Jobs. For one thing, she is very inspired by the work that he has done in making sure that people are on board. Steve Jobs was one of the most influential business owners. He has overcome his obstacles and brought forth something that was innovative and influential to people. This is one of the reasons that Lori Senecal has taken a lot of inspiration from Steve Jobs. Lori hopes to bring a similar type of innovation to the advertising industry that Steve has brought to the technology industry.

One thing that helps Lori inspire others is that she is very compassionate. She makes sure that she connects with people on a personal level so that they will be willing to work with them. While she does have compassion, she is also very honest. She is always able to tell people when there is something wrong. She does it in a way that shows concern and care. In the advertising industry, she makes sure that people maintain consistency and diligence in what they are doing. While she does believe that quality is greater than quantity, she makes sure that she moves the projects along at a pace that is satisfactory.

Lori Senecal always approaches the project with the interests of her clients in mind. She looks from the eyes of her clients and thinks about what they would want. In the end, the reason that people look for an advertising agency is that they need an ad campaign done. Also, they need it done in a timely manner. Therefore, Lori does everything she can to make sure that the customers are satisfied in a multitude of ways with her approach to advertising. More details can be found on Adweek.

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