The UKV PLC’s Highly Sought After Wines

Specializing in the acquisition and sale of the finest wine in the world, the UKV PLC is a London based company that prides itself on working with the largest network of wine brokers, traders, and merchants. The UKV PLC has a extensive understanding of French wine and how a wine’s region of origin affects the outcome of the final product. The UKV PLC recommends that novice buyers familiarize themselves with the French appellation system.


• Burgundy Burgundy, France is known for its rolling hills, meadows, and mustard fields. Burgundy is also known for its red and white wines. Wines from the region are earthy and complex, or light with a mineral taste.


• Bordeaux Bordeaux is a large, French region with over 10,000 local wine producers. Wines from the region are typically medium-body reds blended from different grapes.


• Champagne True Champagne is produced in the Champagne region of northeast France. Champagne is made by utilizing a double fermentation process, necessary because of the region’s cold weather.


• Loire The Loire region is known for producing Muscadet, Sauvignon blanc, and Chenin blanc. The flavors vary depending on the vineyard’s proximity to the ocean.

With so many varieties of wine available, the UKV PLC employs wine consultants to assist clients with finding the perfect wine pairing. The UKV PLC not only supplies wine for consumption, but also markets wine as an investment. They offer a brokerage service for clients wishing to sell their investment grade wines.

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