Wengie Draws Her Life In Great Detail

Wengie is one of the top YouTube cosmetic video bloggers on the web. She has been able to build a rather successful career as someone that helps others with lots of life hacks. When she was asked by her fans to draw her life she was more than happy to provide her audience with the background of her life.


Long before Wengie became one of the top makeup artists, she was a bit of an introvert in her early years. She lived with her grandparents for a moment before she flew out to Australia to be with her parents as a child. Wengie would reveal in an awesome 10 minute “Draw My Life” video that she was a lover of videos games and that the Internet became a big sensation when she was in high school. It would be during her time in high school that she was would share some of her drawings with others as she downloaded tons of music from the web.


Wengie could go on to talk about crushes in high school and the time that it would take to do anything online because the initial Internet connections were so slow. During her high school years her mother would give birth to another baby, her brother Jim.


At the age of 24 Wengie would move out from under the roof of her parents and live on her own. She would start a blog where she would share makeup tips, and this would lead to her success.

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