The Philanthropy of CEO Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, which he founded in 2007. In many ways, Talk Fusion is all about helping people. The company helps not only its employees and network of individual contractors realize their dreams but it also helps by giving back to communities throughout the world.

One of Reina’s favorite sayings is, “With great success comes greater responsibilities.” which are words that he strives to live by every day.

When it comes to charitable giving, Bob Reina leads by example. Among his donations to nonprofits was his $1 million donation to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Another charity he supported was an Indonesian Orphanage called Yayasan Rumah Kehidupan (House of Life Foundation). He also recently launched a program at Talk Fusion in 2016 where every Talk Fusion employee can donate one free account to a charity that they choose.

The plan that they donate is Talk Fusion’s best plan and includes all of their products and services. Among the many other charities that Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have supported are those that helped during the Nepal Earthquake as well as the one that hit Japan to disastrous effect. Learn more about Bob Reina:

Before starting Talk Fusion, Reina was a police officer. The idea came to him when he was having difficulty sending a video over email and was told by his service provider that it was impossible to do.

He decided to work with a programmer who was a friend of his to develop a product that would allow people to communicate over the internet in video form.

Bob Reina has a passion for animals, especially dogs. He frequently brings one of his dogs to work for the day. A few years ago he heard that the K-9 Unit at the Hillsborough, Florida Sheriff’s Department was in need of a new dog to protect citizens in the city. Bob Reina stepped forward and found the perfect dog that met all of the K-9 units requirements.

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