Why Residents of Joao Pessoa Defend Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall’s Reputation as the Best Place for Fun and Entertainment

There is no doubt that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping ranks as Joao Pessoa’s largest shopping mall. The mall is the property of the well-known Roberto Santiago. Over the years, Roberto has ensured that his shopping mall strengthens its relationship with customers. The relationship has given it a foothold in a highly competitive market in Brazil.

Unique Selling Points

The three unique selling points that make Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall different from the rest are:
a) comfort
b) fun
c) leisure
Any customer who visits Roberto Santiago’s shopping mall is guaranteed all the above. Roberto started this shopping mall to prove that such facilities provide residents and foreigners alike with an opportunity to enjoy great fun. He says the shopping mall is as good an option as others around Joao Pessoa in providing the excellent hospitality on Terra.com of which its residents are renowned.

Market’s Joao Pessoa’s Hospitality

Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall is just as great as the unmatched sunsets, beautiful beaches and rich cuisine of the area. It boasts of some amazing attractions on Odiario.com thus providing all that customers need to have a splendid time inside instead of going out to visit the surrounding beaches. Some of the places worth visiting while at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping include:
§ ballroom
§ movie theaters
§ bowling alleys
§ electronic amusement park
The shopping mall opened for business in 1989. Roberto and his team took two years putting it up to ensure that it would be the best in the country upon opening. The fact that the shopping mall is strategically located is further proof of the time Roberto putting up the facility. The location ensures that the mall remains attractive to customers from all backgrounds.

Impressive Concert Hall

Joao Pessoa has few concert halls that are as impressive and massive as the Domus Hall, which is on the rooftop of the famous Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. Domus Hall is about seven years old today. The sound equipment and acoustic insulation found here is unlike any other you will see in the city.

Roberto has come a long way since beginning his career at Café Santa Rosa. Today, nobody in Brazil doubts the fact that Roberto is one of the country’s shrewdest businessmen. The 58-year old entrepreneur has also demonstrated a passion for sports.

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who was born in Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958. He went to Pio X-Marist College and University Center of Joao Pessoa in pursuit of education. The increasingly popular Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is partly responsible for the fame the entrepreneur currently enjoys.

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