Applicants Are Becoming Part Of The MB2 Dental Family Through Facebook

Family can be the ones that are blood relatives or they can be people that you have grown to know and love. Family helps with the good and the bad. The Family is there to see you through thick and thin. This is exactly what MB2 Dental Solutions is doing for the dental professionals in the Texas and New Mexico area. MB2 is providing the support and encouragement necessary to have a successful and smooth running business.


MB2 Dental is the love child of Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He is the founder of this remarkable management company. Dr. Villanueva began this venture after trying to run a successful dental office of his own. After hearing about the horrors of locating and hiring prospective employees, Villanueva went to work to open his own management company to support this challenge. Villanueva started the business of posting jobs and accepting resumes online. This is cutting down on a lot of the interviewing of individuals that are not suitable. This also gives dental professionals a venue where they can post jobs and sort through applicants. Managing a busy dental office can be a challenge but MB2 is helping take some of the stress out of it.


Dentists are posting all over facebook about the wonderful things they are doing with their lives. Some are taking up horseback riding again. Others are joining in on charity races and benefits. Dental offices are getting together to celebrate holidays. Texas is lucky to have dental professionals that are looking good in their office and on facebook in their riding gear. Dental clients are happy with the happier Dentists. The group is learning that the less stress a Dentist has, the better he performs during extractions or root canals. No one wants a cranky Dentist to be drilling in their mouth.


MB2 Dental is taking the time to check the credentials of people applying for positions such as dental office business managers or Dental Hygienist. On the application pages, perspective employees can post their resumes, check out local job availability and even look at scales for potential salaries. Dentist office owners are happy to be gaining some of the best employees available. The pre-screening is helping to assure quality applicants for these family Dental offices in Texas and New Mexico. It is easy to see the jobs available by logging into the MB2 facebook web page. Make sure to send a friend request to follow.


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