Applicants Are Becoming Part Of The MB2 Dental Family Through Facebook

Family can be the ones that are blood relatives or they can be people that you have grown to know and love. Family helps with the good and the bad. The Family is there to see you through thick and thin. This is exactly what MB2 Dental Solutions is doing for the dental professionals in the Texas and New Mexico area. MB2 is providing the support and encouragement necessary to have a successful and smooth running business.


MB2 Dental is the love child of Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He is the founder of this remarkable management company. Dr. Villanueva began this venture after trying to run a successful dental office of his own. After hearing about the horrors of locating and hiring prospective employees, Villanueva went to work to open his own management company to support this challenge. Villanueva started the business of posting jobs and accepting resumes online. This is cutting down on a lot of the interviewing of individuals that are not suitable. This also gives dental professionals a venue where they can post jobs and sort through applicants. Managing a busy dental office can be a challenge but MB2 is helping take some of the stress out of it.


Dentists are posting all over facebook about the wonderful things they are doing with their lives. Some are taking up horseback riding again. Others are joining in on charity races and benefits. Dental offices are getting together to celebrate holidays. Texas is lucky to have dental professionals that are looking good in their office and on facebook in their riding gear. Dental clients are happy with the happier Dentists. The group is learning that the less stress a Dentist has, the better he performs during extractions or root canals. No one wants a cranky Dentist to be drilling in their mouth.


MB2 Dental is taking the time to check the credentials of people applying for positions such as dental office business managers or Dental Hygienist. On the application pages, perspective employees can post their resumes, check out local job availability and even look at scales for potential salaries. Dentist office owners are happy to be gaining some of the best employees available. The pre-screening is helping to assure quality applicants for these family Dental offices in Texas and New Mexico. It is easy to see the jobs available by logging into the MB2 facebook web page. Make sure to send a friend request to follow.


The Story Behind Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his friends always had a hard time finding easy, healthy, and fun places to eat during their senior year while studying at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. They decided to start an eatery on M street due to this reason. The eatery grew to become a restaurant chain known as Sweetgreen six years later. Nathaniel spoke about this during the Wharton Marketing Conference that was titled the New Era of Marketing. It entailed Globalization, Analytics, and Choice.


Nathaniel Ru talked about how it was hard getting the tavern space to set up the eatery. He said that his friends together with him persistently called the landlord until she agreed to meet with them. He says that this was his first time to wear a suit for a business meeting. He adds that they already had the business plan and that they had decided to name the place green. They went out to find an architect and business advisors who helped them set the place up after meeting with the landlord.


Sweetgreen currently has stores in the major cities in Northeast together with their suburbs including Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, and New York. The food offered by Sweetgreen is always fresh and healthy. They get the majority of the ingredients from local purveyors and farmers.


Theresa Dold is the head of digital marketing at Sweetgreen. She also attended the Wharton Conference. Theresa stated that Sweet Green had marketed itself as a place with a deeper purpose and not just as a place to purchase food. She likened Sweetgreen with Apple. Theresa added that Sweetgreen wants to be sexy, social, local, and smart. She added that they have a fantastic line of juices that they throw a music festival every year.


Nathaniel Ru said that every store has to live up to the company’s core values and serve the community that surrounds it regardless of the number of stores that Sweetgreen owns. He added that Sweetgreen is a lifestyle brand and not just a restaurant company.


Nathaniel Ru has a BS in Finance which he earned from the Georgetown University. He is the co-founder of Sweetgreen and has been able to steer the restaurant company to success as its Co-CEO. Nathaniel lives in New York. He has invested in numerous enterprises. Nathaniel and his friends started Sweetlife in 2010 which later grew to become Sweetgreen. He attributes his success to hard work, passion, and commitment.




NCAA Football Beats Pros When It Comes To Sports Betting

If you’re looking to get into professional sports betting, contrary as it may seem, collegiate sports are often a far richer source of profits for the beginner than professional sports. There are a number of reasons for this. The primary ones are that collegiate sports offer far more games, thus, more opportunities to get your money in action and find mispriced lines. The other reason is that there are so many games, many of which attract low betting volume, that the best handicappers simply don’t follow them closely. This means that lines are often mispriced to a far greater degree on college games than they would be on professional matches.

If you’re going to bet football, learn to bet the NCAA

Football is a great sport to learn how to bet on. One reason for this is that football tends to have a lot less short-term luck than other sports. In baseball, things like home runs, which have a huge component of luck, can be a decisive factor in who wins and loses a game. This is far less true in football. A football team with a strong offense playing a team with a weak defense is going to win a huge percentage of the time. Good quarterbacks, receivers and running backs post numbers much more consistently game-to-game than big sluggers in baseball, some of whom can go on dry spells that last weeks. For more information on college football odds, please visit

One of the most important consequences of this is that a good football handicapper will need a far smaller bankroll than someone betting equivalent stakes at baseball. This is because the variance, that is the volatility, of betting football will be many times lower than in other sports that are more dominated by luck.

Another great reason to bet college football is the sheer number of games. Having so many games to choose from not only increases opportunities for finding edges but also ensures less expert bettors in any given game.

About was founded in 1995 by sports betting legend Teddy Covers. It’s dedicated to getting the best information on college football odds and those of other sports.  For more information, please see

The Entrepreneurial Saga of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is without any doubt, one of the most popular American entrepreneurs with some wonderful startups in his portfolio. Don Ressler is an idol for all the entrepreneurs with a focus on business and brand building. Within a short period, he has dazzled the world with his entrepreneurship ventures worth millions of dollars and an industry wide saga of triumph in online brand building and advertisements on He is mostly known as the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty. In addition to this, he was behind some of the most successful brand building ventures such as, Dermstore, Sensa, Intelligent Beauty, FabKids, JustFab, and Fabletics.

The spirit of entrepreneurship and appetite for new challenges are the two elements that drive Don Ressler from the very beginning. While his fellows were busy with a regular career, Don went to a different path of entrepreneurship and co-founded his first startup called, an e-commerce and performance advertising platform which was an instant success with millions in revenue in no time at all. It was then acquired by Intermix Media in 2001 and became its only profit center at However, it was quite frustrating for Don to work in an environment without any control or autonomy when Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp in 2005. At that point, he decided to venture on new projects on his own.

So, Don teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and former group members from their past ventures and developed the idea of Intelligent Beauty, which is one of the first “direct to consumer brand building business” in the USA. With autonomy and expertise on online performance advertisement, Don Ressler was able to create an online skincare and cosmetic marketplace called Dermstore in 2006. Their next venture under the umbrella of Intelligent Beauty was a weight loss system called Sensa. Under the leadership and direction of Don, Intelligent Beauty became a highly profitable startup, and it also secured a funding of $43 million in 2008.

However, the biggest successes of Don and Intelligent Beauty are JustFab and Fabletics which are considered two of the biggest and inclusive brands in the country. JustFab was the third venture of Intelligent Beauty which is a subscription based e-commerce fashion retailer platform on LinkedIn that took place in 2010. This revolutionary business model was an instant success, and its membership rocketed to 6 million in 2012 leading to $76 million funding from some investors. Thanks to Don’s craving for a new venture in different sectors, JustFab continued to acquire and create more startups in different sectors which included FabKids and Fab Shoes. Their next venture was Fabletics, a marketplace for sportswear for which they collaborated with Actress Kate Hudson.

The Importance of Staffing in the Health Care Industry

Brian Torchin is a medical professional who understands the importance of Staffing in the healthcare industry. The field of Health Care is very complicated. There are many technical skill sets that need to be filled in order to provide the services needed for top quality treatment. Hospitals and Clinics are responsible for providing the care that is expected from various patients.

This leaves little time to recruit talented professionals and technicians to do a very strenuous job. Brian Torchin has developed a bridge between the medical service talent, and the institutions that desperately require their skills.

Staffing for any company is a tedious effort. Good help is hard to find. Companies must be extremely careful when evaluating talent that will represent their mission. Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities are no different from any business that strives to be respected by its patrons.

Having a reputation for quality service is the goal of every successful Enterprise. Healthcare facilities hold people’s lives in their hands. It is essential that professionals are hired to meet the highest standard. HCRC Staffing, lead by Brian Torchin has refined this process.

There is not a task more difficult than placing the right person with the right job. Not understanding the needs of an organization, and the talents of a specific technician can result in a monumental waste of time.

Experience in Staffing alleviates the drama of placing the right worker in the right position. Stressful environments such as hospitals and emergency rooms should not be burdened with the thought of having unqualified individuals in their ranks.

Vetting healthcare service candidates, and ensuring that they are qualified for a specific field is a serious matter. It should be handled by dedicated professionals.