OSI Group Expands Its Business Base

Recently, OSI Group made a bold and amazing step of acquiring Baho Food, a prominent Dutch based manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks, in a bid to easily expand their business base in Europe. This adds to the long list of accomplishments the company has had this year including being crowned as one of the lucky winner of 2016 Globe of Honor Award.

This company is one of the successful American privately owned firms that provide high quality meat processing services to the general and large food service industry and retail outlets. With their main offices in Illinois, OSI Group has managed to make a rapid and steady growth to become the leading market provider of international food solutions both in Europe and North America.

The Great Acquisition

OSI Group’s move to acquire the highly respected Baho Food simply serves to increase and expand an already existing Europe market. According to a recent press release, Baho Food and OSI Group are very confident that the merger will bear lots of mutual benefits. Before the buyout, Baho Food owned more than 5 subsidiaries namely Henri Van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren and Q Smart Life. Baho Food runs two major processing companies located in Germany and Netherlands. Furthermore, it has grown to have a large clientele in more than 18 European countries.

OSI Group will greatly benefit from this acquisition by increasing its supply in the European market. Additionally, by working with some of the employees from Baho Food, it is evident that OSI Group will be able to run all operations smoothly and in a timely manner.

Sword of Honor Award

Also known as the Globe of Honor Award, is an accolade from British Safety Council usually granted to companies that manage to maintain environmental standards, health status and safety while running all the business operations. All firms are allowed to apply for the award and each company is vetted by a team of professional judges.

The judges then review the companies track records basing on the three main areas and a final ruling is given whether a particular company deserves the award. By winning the Sword of Honor award, OSI Group has proven its ability to maintain both environmental and health standards by ensuring all its processing plants strictly adhere to sustainability goals. Furthermore this firm ensures all employees are well treated and taken care of, by providing them with ample working environment and convenient medical cover.

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