Securus Technologies’ Plan to Enlighten the United States on Video Visitation.

Securus Technologies is a highly performing company that has gained recognition for providing top-notch technology services to correctional facilities. The company has revealed that it will soon start a campaign that will educate people about the Remote Video Visitation software, which is currently used in the United States. The advertising of will be conducted for about 30 days, and it is focused on making people to use the video visitation as an alternative method of seeing their loved ones. According to Richard A. Smith, who serves Securus as its CEO and Chairman, the commercialization of the application will reveal the benefits of the program and its connections.


The Video Visitation software’s aim is not to interrupt the traditional face to face visitation, and it instead ensures that people can see their loved ones often. The advantage of the application is that it saves costs that are incurred in transport and packing, checking into prisons and the time that is used. The difference of the visitation software and Skype is its automation, registration, scheduling, security, and technology.


About 178 government agencies use the Securus Video Visitation. It is also used by approximately 2,000,000 people per annum and 160,000 per month. The number of individuals who use the application increases every day. More than 232,000 individuals have currently downloaded the video visitation software, and out of this people, 110,000 actively use it. Its users pay and average of $2.72 per visit, and this enables them to save about $100 that they have spent if they had to visit the correctional facility. The Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation program has been offering an alternative option that people can use to visit their loved ones.


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