Changing the Way Fast Food Looks: sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is starting off right from the beginning. They are healthy, fresh, organic, and use all local produce. They have big backing from investors, Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud, and they have created a restaurant that stands for more than just the food they sell. This idea has hit big with customers, who keep their 40 nationwide restaurants busy. They are more than just pioneers of what food they sell and how, because 30% of their sales come from their website and/or mobile app. More and more restaurants are picking up on this trend.


Innovative management is also part of their recipe for success. The corporate office is shut down at least five times per year, so that they can work in the restaurants close to the customers. Also, there is no main headquarters, because they are trying to grow the company nationally. They keep their corporate offices bi coastal and recently opened offices in Los Angeles. All three of the co-founders are Georgetown University graduates, with family backgrounds of entrepreneurship, and a status of being first generation immigrants. They wanted their business to thrive and survive the college environment. After they made it through the first winter break in 2007, they knew that they would be successful.


Nathaniel Ru, co-founder, had some advice and life wisdom he would share. First, he would tell his younger self to read more. Then, he has found that managing can be hard work and that the team around you needs to be able to take on part of the load. At first, he tried to do all the work themselves. They learned that was much more than they needed to do. He has learned so much from building this company with his friends and fellow co-founders.


They have built a fully sustainable restaurants, which pulls local produce from 300 restaurants around their 40 stores. They rotate a seasonal menu and believe in transparency in all that they do with their company. This type of innovative food industry leadership is what has caused them to be one of the fast growing and most cutting edge restaurants. They continue to build a brand together as sweetgreen opens more stores nationwide.



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