Sea Moss Made The Markus Rothkranz Way

In this video about Natures raw Vegan Collagen and Gelatin, Markus Rothkranz brings us the knowledge and details about another amazing product from the sea, Irish Moss Seaweed.

Irish Moss Seaweed, commonly referred to as Sea Moss, is a seaweed plant found mostly in the ocean near Ireland and England (hence the name). Taking into account the incredible amount of beneficial properties this plant has is no easy task, and it’s no wonder Markus speaks of it so highly.

First, it’s high in Collagen and Gelatin, which is good for the skin and hair and Mucilagen for helping soothe the digestive and intestinal tracts, giving relief to those with IBS, Crohns and even those who are missing their gall bladder as it softly coats the stomach lining and intestinal tract. Next, it has Iodine to help those with thyroid imbalances and anyone trying to lose weight. It is high in Sulfur, which also helps protect the skin and those with joint pain or inflammation from arthritis. It is also a good source of Potassium (which your body cannot store) to help with your memory and combatting other brain issues such as depression, anxiety and even fibromyalgia. It has Selenium, which is also good for balancing your thyroid and hormones and help rid the body of fats and is even good for those with colon or prostate cancer. Oh yeah, it’s also a good source of Protein which we all know is essential to the body’s needs.

So now we know the benefits – but what do we do with it? How do we prepare it?

In this inspiring video Markus will show you how to properly clean Sea Moss.

Enjoy… and to your great health.

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