TechStyle Fashion Group: The Leading Company in Fashion Show

Fashion, Technology, and e-commerce are booming. In the year 2016, the income from retail internet business was $72 billion. The amount is anticipated to increase to $116 by 2021.Heritage and startup design brands have attempted different approaches to catch the present computerized astute buyers, from embracing progressed CRM innovation to figure out how to advertise by means of online networking. One model that has been generally attempted is enrollment programs, which have met with differing degrees of achievement. There is one organization, a pioneer of membership programs, that has been stunningly fruitful, and it has developed as a giant in online retail deals. However few individuals have caught wind of it, and nobody knows about its part as a showcasing and innovation pioneer. The organization is TechStyle Fashion Group, drove by co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

JustFab, in 2010, came up with the first fashion membership of the retails industry program for footwear. Those who subscribed to monthly VIP got a 30% off the retailing price together with special access to particular products and promotions. The model fared well in the market, only in two years, six million members had interest in their site. In the first 3 months of 2012, JustFab made 2.5 million sales.

Adam Goldenberg and Donn Ressler, are the co-CEOs of the company. The two individuals are behind the success of the firm. The vision of the two CEO’s has seen the fashion business taking a new direction.

Goldenberg who is the co-founder of TechStlye began his career at an early age of 13. He started by a bulletin board that he later turned to a gaming website. When he was 17, Goldenberg sold the website to intermix. Though he was young, Goldenberg was given a position at the Intermix where he was later named as COO in two years. While at the Intermix, Golden saw the opportunity in the eCommerce space, it was at the same time he founded Intelligent Beauty. As the co-CEO of the tech style, Adam Goldenberg controls the data, marketing, and internal systems.

Don Ressler, the co-founder of the tech style alongside Adam, is well known for his pioneer in the online space and e-commerce business. Mr. Ressler has had good times in business that dates back when he sold his to Intermix in 1997. Before joining Intermix, Ressler was the CEO and the President of FitnessHeaven. Later, he went on to establish Intelligent beauty with Goldenberg, that later stimulated the formation of the TechStlye Fashion Group.

Logan Stouts Health Company Is Revolutionizing The Supplement Industry

It is believed that over 65% of women in the United States are either overweight or obese. Add that to the fact that 70% of men are overweight or obese and you see why we have a big problem.

For most people being overweight is nothing more than an appearance issue. The reality however is that having access weight on your body can lead to serious health issues that can make it difficult to do the everyday basics.

As you very well know, the health and wellness industry is a billion dollar industry. Everyday there seems to be a new product promising to be the magic solution to all of your weight loss problems.

Most of these products are nothing more than hype. People spend their hard earned money on them only to be left frustrated and disappointed.

IDLife Is Different

IDLife is a health and wellness product that has completely revolutionized the industry. The product is designed to provide nutritional supplements that are targeted to each customers individual needs.

IDLife was built on the idea that no two people are alike. We all have different genetics, different eating patterns and different health issues. Because of this it would not be a good idea to try to create a one size fits all type of product.

This approach is one of the many things that has allowed IDLife to stand out in the very crowded health and wellness industry.

Who Is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout is a serial entrepreneur who has started and grown several successful businesses over the course of is career.

Being that Stout is a former athlete, he knows first hand how important nutrition is to overall performance both on and off the field.

His latest venture, IDLife, is a direct reflection of Stout’s desire to help people get the nutrition they need to perform at optimal levels.

As millions of people continue to seek help for health related issues, IDLife is proving to be a breath of fresh air for those looking for options that are designed specifically for them.

By providing individuals with personalized nutrition options IDLife is leading the charge in what could very well be the dawning of a new era in the health and fitness industry.

When it boils down to it people want results. Logan Stout and IDLife are not only providing results, but they are helping people break through barriers so they can achieve their biggest goals.

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Meal Services Specifically Designed for Athletes


Someone witty once articulated that they have to work out first thing in the morning before their mind figures out what their body is about to do. As funny and true as that is for a lot of folks, if a person doesn’t enjoy getting in shape and eating right, they will come up with all sorts of reasons not to. Whether it is not enough time, affordability issues, previous injuries or they just aren’t dedicated enough to the process, excuses do not have to keep a person from being healthy. There are many solutions that are easy to implement in overcoming the hurdles of time or money.


One such resolution is meal delivery services that are athlete approved. Gone are the days of meal services that are full of preservatives and taste more like an army ration than a nutritious meal. Many of the meal services that are available today are perfectly balanced in regard to nourishment, portion and macro amounts offering a higher quality of food that takes the work out of pre-meal planning. In this way, the time it takes to measure out, cook and shop is completely eliminated. In the following list we’ll look at some of the highest quality meal services for both fitness professionals and the average person looking to improve their health.


Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta offers an all organic meal selection that is NON-GMO and within a fair price range. One of the great things about this meal delivery service is that they offer many options when it comes to what sort of diet one may be interested in eating such as vegan, paleo, high protein, ketogenic or a combination of all of them. This customizing factor is one of the top reasons Trifecta is popular with consumers.



Nutrisystem for men, being one of the most recognized meal plans among their constituents, offers five different kinds of food plans that are categorized into groups including both a women’s and men’s Lacto-Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan. There’s also the Nutrisystem-D Plan for men and people with blood sugar disorders. All of the meals are highly customizable according to dietary needs and taste preferences. They are also pre-portioned and have easy to understand nutrition facts disclosed on the packages.


Paleo Meals to Go

Paleo meals as the name indicates, offers foods from the paleo diet but have the convenience of being eaten anywhere. They are freeze dried and in the form of chili, stew or Indian recipes with curry. The vacuum packed containers have a much longer shelf life than most. This company is popular with hikers and those who enjoy working out in outdoor conditions. All one has to do is pour in water, close the container and shake the bag. Voila! One has a nutritious meal ready to eat in ten minutes.


Meal delivery services make perfect sense in our modern fast-paced society. They can effectively take the hassle out of time constraints and do the nutritional work for their consumers.

Revamp Your PPC Ads and SEO Efforts with a Proven Digital Marketing Agency for 2018

White Shark Media is a renowned digital marketing agency, headquartered in Miami Florida with thousands of satisfied clients. In 2011, the co-founders Alexandra Nygart (Chief Operations Officer), Gary Garth (Chief Business Development Officer) and Andrew Lolk noticed a substantial growth in small businesses in the US and Latin America.

Study, Practice and Produce Sales Effectively

The co-founders had a desire to assist struggling and up-and-coming companies so they decided to build a team of professionally certified digital marketers. In contrast of most marketing teams you see today, White Shark Media prides itself in its strength of certified professionals:

– 88 Google AdWords Certifications

– 77 Bing Ads Accreditations

– 69 Google Shopping Certified

If those numbers are not impressive enough, small businesses have spent over $32M in ad spending over the last year. A team willing to manage PPC advertising and SEO services in a big way stands out among the best including their Premier Google Partnership, 1 out of 29 in the US.

See Opportunity in Every Experience

According to CEO Alexandria Nygart, one factor of their success is the ability to see opportunity and seized it. He also says that his team applies the extensive background of is founders’ marketing experience to their clients strategies. White Shark Media review client expectations, design and present creative slants to tackle niches with impact.

By implementing Google and Bing Ads’ best practices, the White Shark Media team improves clients’ current lead generation and sales by applying proven methods that have worked for a multitude of industries over the last six years.

Learn How to Work with a Strong Marketing Team

White Shark Media proves their worth in  every relationship built with their clients. As time passes, small business owners learn how to work with a strong marketing team and expect nothing less from their ad campaigns.

Any small business owner in need of guidance in building a consistent, sales producing Google and Bing Ads campaigns can depend on over 150+ White Sharks to have their best intentions in mind.

Don Ressler Breaks Ground on Multiple Business Ventures

The clothing industry is changing in a miraculous way, and Don Ressler is one of those entrepreneurs that is able to ride the wave. He is one of the hottest entrepreneurs in the world of clothing for women, and this is primarily because he has created multiple companies with business partner Adam Goldenberg.

It may have been possible for him to touch a small section of the clothing industry with a single company, but Don Ressler is clearly able to touch a much wider audience with a number of different companies.

This may be the reason that people know him for more than one e-commerce site. He is connected to JustFab. This is what him and Adam Goldenberg maybe most well known for. Some people may not, however, know that Don Ressler is also connected with ShoeDazzle. This is a great site that sells shoes for women at affordable prices. The newest that Don Ressler is into the e-commerce industry of athletic clothing is Fabletics.

This is a company that he co-founded with business partner Adam Goldenberg and business newcomer Kate Hudson. It has been a great Venture for Don Ressler because it gives him an even wider consumer base to focus on. Women that are shopping online have become great fans of the work that Don Ressler has done. He has been able to take data-driven metrics and give customers more of what they are interested in. That is definitely one of the reasons that he has been able to last so long.

With so many other people are fading into the background with their business ideas Don Ressler tends to flourish continuously because of the wide range of business opportunities that he has engaged in.

The business world is always looking for someone new and exciting. Consumers get tickled and they move on to the next thing. This is something that Ressler has realized by keeping his ears to the street. He knows that consumers could have easily gotten tired of JustFab so he expanded his branding techniques to ShoeDazzle.

He knew that eventually he would saturate the crowd that was gathering to buy shoes from ShoeDazzle so he ventured into Fabletics. Don has a way of keeping things interesting, and he knows how to leverage his branding strategies across multiple companies. This is what has allowed him to survive as other entrepreneurs lose ground with fickle shoppers.

Modern Day Banking & The Empowerment of Women

The Dallas Women’s Foundation held its 32nd annual luncheon on Oct 20, 2017, and it was a hit. The event has been gaining momentum throughout the years thanks to its empowering movement for women. Held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, the event featured a keynote address from Dr. Hope Jahren. This well-accomplished individual is an award-winning scientist, a best-selling author, and he’s been named as one of “Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People.”

Of course, the event went-off without a hitch as over 1,300 community, civic and business leaders were in attendance. On the other hand, NexBank Capital of Dallas, Texas, played a key-role in sponsoring this annual luncheon. As it has done so many times before, NexBank donated $100,000 for support as it will surely help the foundation advance even more for women’s leadership and economic security. Empowering women is the name of the game as the Dallas Women’s Foundation just so happens to be the biggest regional women’s fund in the world today. All across the North Texas region, over 10,000 students as well as 20 different schools, viewed the keynote’s livestream. Thanks to Nexbank, this event has been able to reach a much wider audience than in previous years.

NexBank Capital is a Dallas-based regional banking center that specializes in commercial, mortgage and investment banking. This regional powerhouse has been around for decades, and it has steadily climbed the ranks of the professional banking community. As of today, this financial center has an estimated worth of $7.6 billion in assets. NexBank is more than just a standard regional banking center. It provided high-quality banking solutions for large corporations, investment firms and middle market companies. On top of that, the bank offers the services of mortgage support, public funds, credit services, warehouse lending, treasury management, agency services and many more. All in all, NexBank Capital is the epitome of regional banking success.

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin has served on many prestigious Boards including Ronald McDonald House, Rush University Medical Center, Goodman Theatre, and the Sheba Foundation. He is recognized nationally and internationally for his charitable funding to organizations that represent different nationalities, the disabled, the disenfranchised et. al., like the Inner-City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, Chicago’s Boys and Girls Club, the United Negro College Fund, and many other charities.

Mr. Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the OSI Group, LLC. The OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois but its presence is set up globally under the auspices of the OSI International Foods Ltd, where Sheldon serves as its President. OSI is a privately-owned food service industry firm that deals with global suppliers of healthy food products to leading meat processors, as well as food service and retail food brands.

Under Mr. Lavin’s leadership, the OSI Group has received outstanding awards like the one from the British Safety Council in 2016, called the Globe of Honor. This award recognizes food industry companies who have excelled in health and environmental management, and good safety risks. Also, in February 2016, Mr. Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award with a ceremony in India. The award is given to distinguished visionaries.

Sheldon Lavin did not start out in the meat industry. His educational background was in accounting and finance. In 1970 he worked at a financial firm where Otto and Sons, the forerunner of the OSI Industries, came to his company for funding. Soon Otto and Sons asked that he join them in an ownership position which he did. Later the McDonald’s company approached Lavin to join them along with OSI so that they could grow together.

The OSI Group grew exponentially throughout America, Europe, Asian countries, and Africa. After a retirement and a sell-out investment to Mr. Lavin, he took over managing the OSI Group. Today, the company has extended to the Philippians, Australia, and India. OSI is the world’s largest protein supplier with over 55 facilities in 16 countries and at 80+ Sheldon Lavin is still working hard to expand the company internationally. Mr. Lavin stated that with additional acquisitions of food related companies, he hopes to bring leading edge food processing to countries around the world.

Sheldon Lavin Social Media:

Beneful is a Popular Name You can Trust

Beneful is a British name used for girls, and guys, but more commonly used for boys. It provides a wholesome name, you can trust for real ingredients backed by their name. It means all-natural, containing on the superior ingredients, or a transparent brand. You will also enjoy knowing having your product, or brand backed with this name is known for goodness. Your most commonly associated with the Beneful pet food brand in the industry with real meat, and vegetable products. You will enjoy great chicken, beef, and lamb. More importantly, you can feed your pet a popular real salmon diet for a healthy heart, and a productive lifestyle. Beneful on Walmart.

Mike Baur: Helping startup businesses grow

Although many startups fail from the inability to compete with the large corporations, those that make it in the market are offering the big corporations a run for their money. Going into the future, the biggest threat to the big corporation will be the startup companies that are taking shape today. Startup businesses have the benefit of trying out their ideas with no big risk. It is therefore highly probable for the startups to come up with revolutionary ideas since their risk is limited. They have the opportunity of thinking outside the box and common up with innovative ideas.

Mike Baur is one of the Swiss who is making a huge change in the country. He has focused his attention on helping new business people acquire the right knowledge and experience needed to successfully run a startup business. Through his company Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur recognizes that there is a gap in the society that needs to fill. Many startups entrepreneurs do not have the requisite knowledge to make them successful in their entrepreneurial endeavors. After working in the banking sector for over two decades, he came across numerous entrepreneurs who had very good business ideas but lacked the knowledge to help them realize the full potential of their ideas. What Mike Baur offers is an opportunity for the young entrepreneurs in the digital sector to learn what they could do to make their businesses successful. Those who would like to benefit from his mentorship and straining are required to subscribe to a three months accelerator program that will see them learn all the important aspects of a business.

From the startup accelerator program, participants first of all are mentored and trained by experts who have huge experience in the business sector, including Mike Baur. They are then offered an opportunity to meet and interact with people who have made it in the business sector. These are people who can give them advice on what they should expect in the business environment and how they should cope with the challenges that ensue. Mike Baur then helps people who participate in his incubator program gain access to financing needed to start their businesses. He also trains the participants on how they should develop business links with potential investors who can fund their business expansion plans. Mike Baur ensures that everyone who attends his program is trained on how to successfully market their products to potential customers not only in Switzerland but also to the whole world. He also provides the participants will free rent offices in Zurich, where they can set up their business offices.

Mie Baur is very committed to this cause and hopes that he will manage to help as many people as possible establish businesses that will grow into multinationals. The startup business in the country is expected to get bigger as more entrepreneurs look to invest in their businesses instead of going into formal employment. The government of Switzerland has been very supportive to startups growth by ensuring that the infrastructure needed for businesses to thrive is available.



Drew Madden’s career in healthcare

The journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur requires passion and dedication. Drew Madden has paved a successful career in healthcare as an experienced IT professional. His contribution to the industry is incredible which has resulted to efficient running of healthcare systems. Madden is an IT entrepreneur who has immersed himself in finding solutions to business. He has specialized in managing electronic medical records to ensure efficient operations.

Drew Madden’s educational background has been instrumental in developing his successful career. He attended the University of Iowa where he graduated with a BSE in industrial engineering. He majored in medical systems, which has propelled his entrepreneurial skills in the field. After graduation, Madden worked as an integration consultant at Cerner Corporation. His career started at the company through his dedication to improving healthcare. He implemented healthcare applications at Chicago area while working at Cerner that set a pace for his career development.

Madden later joined Healthia consulting as a senior epic consultant in 2006. His role was implementing applications in the Mid-west region. He implemented Epid impatient application and gained certifications in other programs. Drew Madden became a regional sales director of Ingenix consulting where his experience in IT grew. He became an expert in medical software through his commitment to business development.

His outstanding performance led to his success in joining Nordic Consulting Partners as an executive vice president in 2011. He has climbed several career ladders due to his passion for transforming healthcare and his desire to develop new solutions to business problems through system development. Drew was able to increase the company’s productivity by increasing the national users of the company’s application. His business management skills were evident in his performance that set him apart from other IT specialists in healthcare.

Madden currently works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner. The company deals with healthcare IT by implementing and providing advisory services for electronic healthcare applications. Madden founded the company among other business executives as that adopt epic systems in streamlining records systems. His innovative nature and has led to his success.