How Ricardo Tosto is Bettering the Brazilian Legal System

Being a Portuguese colony, Brazil largely uses the law of Portugal as well as some part of the French, German and Italian civil law. The country’s law is based on statutes and partly the stare decisis implemented through the constitutional amendment passed in 2004. The Brazilian Constitution gives the Supreme Court autonomy to publish binding rules. Inferior courts, judges, and public administration are therefore expected to adhere to the interpretations of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is the top court in the hierarchy of Brazilian courts. The court is made up of two national superior courts: the Supreme Federal Court (Supremo Tribunal Federal) or STF and the Superior Court of Justice (Superior Tribunal de Justiça) or STJ, both of which grant writs of certiorari in criminal and civil cases.

State-Level Judiciary

Trial Courts

Every state in Brazil is composed of judicial districts known as comarcas, which are divided into several municipalities. The trial courts have their headquarters in the capital of every state. Every comarcas has at least one trial court which is a court of first instance. This court has one judge and a substitute judge who handle civil and criminal cases. Some comarcas have specialized courts of first instance that deal with bankruptcy or family litigation.

Justice Tribunals

The court of second instance is the highest court of the state judicial system. Every state in Brazil has one court of second instance. These are courts of appeal, implying that they review any judgments made by trial courts. The courts are divided into criminal chambers and civil chambers.

Brazilian Lawyers

Ricardo Tosto is one of the competent and reputable lawyers in Brazil. He has defended many prominent companies and public personalities and provided legal services to Brazilian and international corporations, the government, and politicians of different ideologies.

Mr. Tosto has worked in the legal field for more than 22 years. He practices business law and specializes in corporate restructuring, civil and commercial litigation, credit recovery, mergers and acquisitions and electoral law. Ricardo is also a pioneer in the adoption of various legal mechanisms, most of which are being used as tools in the Brazilian legal systems.

Ricardo is a co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advocates, one of the top ten best law firms in Brazil. As a partner of the firm, Mr. Tosto closely oversees the company’s ongoing cases and offers innovative strategies on special problems.

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Securus is Changing Lives

Securus has one of variety of certifications as being one of the top prison communication systems in the country. When one of my relatives went to prison for a minor offense, I began to realize that it was more than a little difficult to keep in touch with them. The types of communication systems that the prisons currently have in place just do not work and it can be difficult to use these when you want to and when it is convenient for your own schedule. This is how I began to discover the technology of Securus and started using it for my own needs.


One of the things that sets Securus apart from anything else on the market is that it allows you to actually video message with your loved one in prison. This basically means that you can see that person face-to-face without having to make that long and boring trip to the prison just to be able to meet them. This is ideal for prison families who simply feel they need more time with their loved one who they will not be able to see all the time for many months or even years. When I started using Securus myself, I’ve noticed that it could definitely benefit prison families all across the country because of how well it works for these individuals.


If you feel that you need a better communication system out there, Securus is definitely something you will want to try for yourself. This is a system that will definitely help you in the long run and can be exactly what you are looking for when trying to communicate better with someone in the prison system. There has never been a better time for you to consider this than now because of how well it works and how many people are currently being able to use it for their own advantage.


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The Many Benefits Of a Manhattan Coworking Rental


Coworking spaces can provide lots of business as well as personal benefits. Here are just some of the benefits you can obtain by working in a shared office space environment.

One of the benefits of working in a shared office space is that you can expand your business much quicker. It is that much easier to grow your personal and professional networks. In a shared office space, you will probably be surrounded by like minded entrepreneurs, business people, company employees and freelancers. You may find a business partner to collaborate on a project. Or, you can may even find clients for your business.


Numerous studies and entrepreneurs attest to the fact that shared office space environments can boost productivity. You won’t be surrounded by the TV, family members or be close to the fridge. All of these things can distract you from your work. Shared office space environments can also create a stronger drive to succeed. If you see others working diligently around you, then you are more likely to push yourself as well to work just as hard.


Working in a coworking space can help to get you out of the home. Instead of telecommuting from home you can work from a real, professional and highly collaborative environment where you can interact with people. Shared office spaces can help you to create and maintain your own work routine. The big perk of a shared office space is that you decide when you go to work and what schedule you have. There are no bosses to set your hours or company hours. Most coworking spaces are also open 24/7 so you can work as early or late as you want. You have tremendous flexibility with a shared office space environment.


Workville NYC is a new, high tech and ultra modern shared office space facility, located in New York City. It is located in the borough of Manhattan. You can easily reach Workville NYC from all directions by public or private transport. It is located near the famous Times Square neighborhood of Manhattan.


You will enjoy all of the latest amenities you expect from a state of the art shared office space at Workville NYC. Mail delivery, printers, 24/7 service, reliable high speed internet, complimentary coffee, views, relaxation rooms, patios and more await you. Flexible and inexpensive leases are available by the day, hour, week or month. Rent a desk or an office as suits you.

The Stellar Investment Skills of Malini Saba

Malini Saba has proven to me and many other women that it is possible to build a career in the corporate world. She has become a very successful investor, and many people are impressed with what she has been able to do. I know that there are a lot of stocks that people can consider for investing, but it is difficult for people to really know what stocks or going to make a real difference. I think that is why so many people are going to be amazed when they find that her investment success is based largely on companies that no one knew would be successful.

She invested in PayPal during a time where this company was in the infancy stages. No one had any idea that the company would become as successful as it has become today. It is possible that she had a good hunch with this business, but she has also been able to see her way into investing in other large companies like eBay in the early stages.

I will say that she was very good at watching businesses grow and she mastered the art of investing wisely from some information she learned in lectures at Stanford University.

Malini Saba has proven that you can really go from having little of nothing to having millions if you take the time and the dedication to invest funds wisely. She has been putting money into her portfolio and building a fortune through her years of investing.

Saba has made sure that she has done all she can to empower herself and other women that may be at risk. She took every opportunity that was given to her and made the best of it. That is what I aspire to do in my own life. That is what I believe everyone aspires to do at some point in their lives. That is why I believe that she serves as such a great inspiration to everyone that discovers who she is.

I don’t have any doubt that she will continue to improve the lives of men and women through her nonprofit organization. I also have no doubts that she will continue to invest wisely and lead others into the best investment opportunities as the chairman of Saban. I really believe that Malini Saba is just getting started when it comes to carving out her place among other financial leaders.